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"My friends recommended Dr. Volin to help me with my severe pelvic pain. I called my insurance to see if I could go without a referral from my primary doctor. My primary doctor had said my pain was due to my lupus and osteoporosis, but I didn’t feel it was. He had prescribed pain medications that didn’t help and kept me in a recliner most days. Dr. Volin was very gentle and professional. Best of all, he really cares about me personally and asks about my life. He did a thorough exam and could tell where the pain was coming from. He listened. I scheduled a surgery with him with the daVinci robot, so the incisions would be small and the recovery time short. During the surgery, he found 3 tumors, one of which was pressing on my spine! When he removed the tumors, it not only fixed my bladder, but it took away my pain! It feels good to go to the bathroom, I don’t have to strain , and it doesn’t take so long. I was used to pain and now I can walk without pain. I felt good 2 days after surgery. I told my husband I want to go dancing! Dr. Volin is just a wonderful man. And your staff is marvelous. They’ve all been really great. Even when I call with questions, they find the answers. I’m so happy I came here. I got my life back. - T.L.P."


"I felt weak, sick, bloated, and fully pregnant even though I was not. I felt pressure from my internal organs falling. Dr. Volin recommended a fully hysterectomy and a sling with the daVinci robot. I don’t like taking medication, but after my procedure, I didn’t really even need the pain pills in the hospital or at home. I didn’t have any issues with my incisions. I was up and around my house 2 days after surgery, did a ½ mile walk 3 days after surgery. I was on vacation and had 4 weeks at home before going back to work. I didn’t tell very many people and I was glad I was able to keep my procedure private. Now I feel really, really good. Dr. Volin and the hospital staff were all professional, patient, helpful, and really marvelous, I can’t say enough good things. - K.S."


"I was a very complex case and I am so glad that Dr. Volin took the time and caring to truly help me. I had a prior surgery with another doctor that didn’t go so well. I was one of those patients who had the problems you see on t.v. with mesh exposure. I could feel it and it hurt! I had it trimmed, but my husband could feel it and it really hurt him. It got so bad that we didn’t enjoy intimacy, and I was worrying about the pain every time. At my annual well-woman exam, I saw Dr. Hennesy and she recommended I go to Dr. Volin. She told me he is the best at taking care of fixing all the parts of my problems. Dr. Volin immediately knew what was wrong. My mesh was too tight! So he did the procedure to remove it and I felt much better. But I did have bladder leakage. We went through the process of non-surgical options first, since I was hesitant to do that again. I appreciated his approach and patience with me. I tried the InTone device, but it did not work for me, since I was not able to do a proper Kegel exercise. He then set me up with a wonderful Physical Therapist. I only had to see him once to learn a good Kegel, so after the second appointment, I was doing great on my own. After time doing Kegels, it was clear I was still leaking, with coughing, sneezing, and the strain when I picked up my grandson. I finally decided it was time to think about surgery again. Dr. Volin talked me through the whole sling procedure, including all the differences that make this a much better solution than my prior surgery. I felt very confident and Dr. Volin was very reassuring. I am here with my last check-up and I am cleared for everything. I am not having any side effects or pain. I only had two, tiny, incisions in my groin area. Now everything works and I don’t have any leakage at all! I’m going to try jogging again soon! T.L."


"I had been having symptoms for a long time, but for the last 4 months, it had gotten really bad. I felt heavy, falling feelings, and that was my prolapse. I was referred to Dr. Volin by Dr. Lovato so I could find out my options. Dr. Volin explained everything to me. He was very gentle and understanding. I decided that the sling surgery to pull everything back up was the way to make me feel better. After the daVinci surgery, I was able to get up right away and walk. I felt brand new! Dr. Volin was attentive to my questions and very informative. I can’t give him enough praise . . He is genuinely wonderful! Now I am relieved. Six weeks after surgery and I have a changed attitude. I used to be grumpy and now I am happy. I trust Dr. Volin and feel like he is a saint! L.M."


"I’m only 31, but since I was 16, I had bad, heavy periods, with clots, nausea, and migraines. As I got older, they got worse, with cyst formation, pain, and the cysts would fill and have to be drained by a doctor. Then they began rupturing on their own and no pain killer would help. I went to the Emergency Room because I thought I was dying and they referred me to Dr. Volin. I remembered he delivered my baby, so I was happy to see him again. He diagnosed me with endometriosis. Then he talked to me about my bladder leaking could be helped at the same time! He performed a full hysterectomy and mesh bladder sling during my surgery. The daVinci was great and I was up and around quickly. The whole staff in the office and at North Suburban hospital have been pleasant and helpful. After only one week, I felt amazing! I was a little slow during recovery, but I didn’t have any pain. Now I have so much energy, I can play with my kids, exercise, and feel above and beyond is now normal. Maybe for some people, this type of procedure isn’t life changing, but for me, it really has been. – C.B."


"North Suburban Medical Center, PRISM recognition: Dr. Volin was compassionate, kind, and decisive. He made me feel completely comfortable before my surgery and after. He is the best – what a fantastic doctor! - A.W."


"Dr. Volin and his staff are so wonderful! I was at the point that I needed mesh to "pull everything back in". It had to be done, so I hoped it would be ok. It was more than ok, it was GREAT! I don't have any problems anymore and there haven't been any side effects. The staff were pleasant and efficient and I appreciate their caring for me."


"I had a full hysterectomy and bladder repair since I had the heavy, falling bladder feeling and some post-menopause bleeding now and then. My primary clinic took some biopsies and then referred me to Dr. Volin. He performed my surgery on Tuesday, I was home on Wednesday, and by Friday, the tiny incisions looked good and I could tell my stomach was already less swollen. Now everything’s ok and I feel great! –Adonna"


"I have been a Women’s Health Group patient for 5 years, since I moved to Thornton. I had bladder issues and a prolapsed uterus and hysterectomy when I was 26 years old, over 30 years ago. No one would believe me that I have been bleeding! I had endometriosis, extensive scar tissue and worried my parts were falling out. I needed anterior and posterior repairs – my bladder and rectum needed to be repositioned and pulled in. Dr. Volin said he had to pull out the tool kit because I was more complicated than expected. My surgery was done with the daVinci robot, so I only have small incisions and my recovery was easy. I feel great now and have no restrictions. I don’t have to constantly look for bathrooms. I feel normal again. I even started taking a Zumba class! I am very pleased with Dr. Volin’s treatment of my problems and of his caring treatment of me personally. --D.G."


"My symptoms were very bad before. I had a lot of pressure down below and wasn’t able to urinate. It was so painful, I had trouble sitting, I needed a pillow. I didn’t like being around many people and parties made me nervous. It was uncomfortable to walk or lay down. Pants would irritate me. I would be up all hours at night. I wasn’t able to go and I felt like my bladder was falling out. I wouldn’t let my husband be near me. I was scared, but I knew I had to do something. My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Volin, but I wanted a female doctor. When I made the appointment, the ladies said the female doctor was out for two weeks, but Dr. Volin was available. I knew I just had to do it, so I came in to see Dr. Volin. I looked up and said to myself, “This has got to work for me.” My blood pressure was up and I was nervous, but Dr. Volin relieved all my anxiety by explaining what he was going to do, step-by-step. He said when he was finished, I would be tip top! And I am! I had the urodynamics test and felt relief right away. Then, when I called Melissa to schedule my surgery, she told me Dr. Volin would do just what he said he would and he is the best. My surgery went start to finish the way Dr. Volin said it would. I feel 100% better. I feel like a woman. I am so happy that Dr. Volin helped me, even though I wasn’t an easy patient. He makes me feel good and treats me with kindness and respect. He called me at home after my surgery to see how I was doing. At my last appointment, he was writing his medical note and I asked him for a copy so I could take it with me. He said, “Sure!” and just gave it to me. He explains my prescriptions and side effects and says if I don’t need them anymore, quit taking them. I have no complaints and all the girls here have always been wonderful to me every time I come in. – Y.C."


"I knew I had some issues that made me uncomfortable, feelings like I was sitting on something, feeling things hanging out when I went to the bathroom, and needing pads forever. So my primary doctor recommended I see Dr. Volin. He showed me a pamphlet with all the potential pelvic problems and circled every single one! He said it could be due to any of several things including obesity and having several children. That was 30 years ago . . but he said it just happens over time. So his plan of care was to do a hysterectomy and a pelvic sling. I wasn’t sure about doing a hysterectomy and I planned on playing volleyball this summer. So we agreed to put it off until October. I also went for a second opinion and that doctor had a different plan to fix the issues. I’m not sure if this is routine, but she sent her report to both my primary care doctor and Dr. Volin. When he received the report, he called me three times that day. He stated it wasn’t for the business or to lose a patient to a competitor. He wanted me to understand that the different option would only be a short-term fix and he explained why. He also had some red flags about my symptoms as well and asked if the other doctor doing any pre-testing. They were not, so I requested the tests. They came back with cancerous cells. So there would be no delaying and I am glad I chose Dr. Volin. I had the hysterectomy and pelvic sling with the daVinci robotic method by Dr. Volin. The very next day I was back to my usual routine! I have no side effects or symptoms any more. I feel very very well. When I sit, it is on my butt. When I go to the bathroom, it is amazing. Normal is amazing. It was meant to be that Dr. Volin took care of me. – N.B."


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